Wireless Solutions for Every Application


30 Years of Productivity

16 Years of Wireless Development

The people at WesternCE, LLC have been providing solutions to educational institutions, retirement developers, building owners, managers and security directors for all types of facilities for 30 years.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS by the individuals at Western Control, Inc



  • Development and implementation of the first large-scale specification for integrating telecommunications, energy management and security
  • Development of the first, PC software based, "nurse call type" emergency response systems for the senior living industry
  • Development of major PC based automation software for one of the nations largest alarm companies
  • Pioneered the integration of alarm systems and multiple sub-system interface with PC based security system software
  • First to integrate dual hardwired and wireless technologies in large-scale, alert and alarm monitoring systems                       
  • First Company to provide central station monitoring and support for PC based alarm and security systems
  • Designed the 1st universal, wireless runtime-monitoring device, which has become the de facto system used in the apartment sub-metering industry today.



"We believe that the key to building a business with longevity is giving our customers the best product and service available for the money they have to spend. Give them the freedom to live with us or without us:  then, give them every reason in the world to live with us. Quality, economics and service … the keys to success."



Operating independent alarm central station specializing in:

  • Remote PC-based alarm monitoring
  • Boat and other marine alarms
  • Maintenance and condition alarm monitoring
  • Utility sub-metering and cost allocation     





Most advanced PC-based Alarm System

  • Patrol-NET (unlimited alarm monitoring, unlimited sites, network, internet, dial-up, etc.)
  • CaptureONE network sub-metering / metering software for remotely reading utility meters over Internet/WAN/LAN