On-Site or Remote via Internet / WAN / LAN


Excellent for all AMR SUB-METERING

in Multi-family Property Applications



CaptureONE Submetering Software provides a unique set of features for any submetering application. 

The CPO single-site version (CPO-1) may be installed at the monitored site on any PC equipped with a serial port for connection to the CPO-RX wireless AMR receiver and a modem or Ethernet connection to a LAN/WAN/Internet for downloading meter data files for billing, cost accounting, customer support or other management purposes.

The CPO Corporate, multi-site version (CPO-1N) may be located at the owner’s corporate office.  In this case, Monitrol client Webmitter™ Internet transmitter is located at the monitored site and all monitoring is in real-time via the network (Internet, LAN or WAN).

In addition to meter reading, data storage and transfer functions, the system monitors a group of alarm and status functions not normally available in automatic meter reading applications.  It also allows the user to add additional “alarm only” devices to the system and receive a variety of alarms via the metering system.

Alarms and status information is instantaneous and may be monitored by your own personnel or by Monitrol Utility / Alarm Central Station for a nominal monthly fee.


e/s Monitrol is “the” specialist in HEATING & COOLING submetering.





Submetering / Alarm Software




q       Utility & Energy Conservation 

          / Waste Management

q       Multi-family Utility Submetering

q       Commercial & Institutional Submetering

q       Equipment Status and Malfunction Alarms

q       Facility Alarms

q       Heating, Cooling, Water, Electric, Gas Submetering


§          Meter reading and data storage

§           Capacity – 60,000+ devices


§          Tampering, Low Battery

§          High Daily Usage, No Usage x# of hours(days)

§          Equipment Malfunction

§          Other User Defined Alarms




Compatible with

INOVONICS TapWatch™ & Echostream™, Spinwave™,

Monitrol CaptureONE™ and

AMCO InsideR™


™ TapWatch and Echostream are trademarks of Inovonics Wireless Corp; CaptureONE is a trademark of WesternCE, Inc; InsideR™ is a trademark of AMCO Water Metering Systems, Inc; Spinwave is trademark of Spinwave Systems, Inc