Digital Run-Time Converter (CPO-RTC)

Excellent for SPACE BTU DEMAND, TIME-of-USE,
SUB-METERING Applications





The CPO-RTC device monitors, calculates and decodes run-time of a constant running device or circuit such as a gas or water valve, motor, machine, current switch, pressure switch, limit switch, light switch, etc. and converts the data into an accurate, periodic pulse output for connection to data storage and reporting devices. Stores partial cycle until the next operating period in non-volatile memory and adds it to the next cycle to prevent loses of accountable time.

Optional integrated optical flame sensor provides instant on/off and activation verification for non-physically connected appliances.  Optional temperature sensor integrates directly into the CPO-RTC for operational verification.

LED signals provide verification of operation and supervision.

High impedance input circuitry isolated to prevent overload of monitored device.

The CPO-RTC can derive its power from the monitored devices or may be powered by optional CPO-PS-24 VAC power supply, depending on the application or need.

Output pulse compatible with virtually all metering reporting systems.

Compatible with virtually all electrical, mechanical or electronic furnace ignitions, fan coils, baseboard valves, and fireplace controls. 




q       Multi-family Apt. Heat/Cool Cost Recovery

q       Fireplace Usage in Apartments

q       HVAC Total Usage

q       Forced Air Furnace Metering

q       Hydronic Heating Cost Allocation

q       Lighting Total & After Hours Usage

q       Natural Gas Allocation

q       Equipment Run-time


Compatible with

INOVONICS TapWatch™ and

NxTec CaptureONE

Quality AMR Systems.



Eliminate Proprietary Signal Dependency




Submetering, alarm and status monitoring software.


Microprocessor Controlled

The only submetering timing product lab tested:

Accuracy Tested at 99.9913194% over 48 hours of Continuous ‘ON’ state

Environmental Tested for

Temperature and Humidity Variations










Isolated / 2 sec



Isolated / 2 sec

24 Mo. Warranty from date of proper installation by a Monitrol approved installation contractor.



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